Kareng Ghar Images, History, Pics, Photos, FAQs (কাৰেং ঘৰ)

The Kareng Ghar (কাৰেং ঘৰ) palace structures were made of wood and stone. In 1751 Sunenphaa, son of Sukhrungphaa, constructed the brick wall of about 5 KM (3.1 mile) in length surrounding the Gargaon Palace and the masonry gate leading to it. The Kareng ghar located very near to Gargaon college.

Kareng Ghar Images, History, Pics, Photos, FAQs

Kareng Ghar History

After Sukhrungphaa's passing, the Kareng Ghar went through numerous compositional modifications to its construction, which brought about its unpredictable shape. From east to west, a few rooms run along a long passageway; and from north to south are more modest wings. The ground floor filled in as pens, storerooms, and workers' quarters. 

Kareng Ghar Images, HD Wallpaper, Pics, Photos

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How Kareng Ghar was build?

The Kareng Ghar was constructed mostly of wood, which was to a great extent obliterated over the long haul. The regal lofts were on the upper story, of which a couple of rooms currently stay, near an octagonal room on the northern wing which once filled in as the Puja Ghar (supplication house). There are steps paving the way to the porch. A disengaged room remains on the south which is accepted to have been utilized by the sovereign during her repression.

"Kareng Ghar Images, History, Pics, Photos, FAQs"

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