Rang Ghar of Assam (Sivasagar) Images, History, Pics, Photos & Facts

The Rang Ghar , is a two-storeyed structure which once filled in as the imperial games structure where Ahom lords and aristocrats were observers at games like wild ox battles and different games at Rupahi Pathar - especially during the Rongali Bihu celebration in the Ahom capital of Rangpur.

Rang Ghar of Assam (Sivasagar) Images, History, Pics, Photos & Facts

The passageway to the Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra at Guwahati echoes the Rang Ghar. 

The Rang Ghar was the logo of the 33rd National Games held in Guwahati, in February 2007.

Large numbers of the curved passages have held minimal more than their block system, with simple remnants of sculptural embellishments to a great extent. The Ahoms, who utilized extraordinary, slender, heated blocks, didn't utilize concrete yet a glue of rice and eggs as mortar for their development, a heartbeat called Maati Maah and a fish named Borali Mach in Assamese. They likewise utilized powdered blended lime and blocks to cover the outside of the internal dividers. It is said that this layer of powder used to keep within the Rang Ghar cool.

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