Local Utpaat Wikipedia, Bio, Cast, Production, Story, Release Date

Local Utpaat Wikipedia, Bio, Cast, Production, Story, Release Date

Local Utpaat is one of the much awaited movie of the year 2021. The movie stars some similiar faces of the cult classic movie series - Local Kung Fu & Sub Inspector Boro. The movie will also released in Hindi dubbed version. The movie is produced by Yatharth Agnihotri.

  • Movie Name: Local Utpaat
  • Production House: Kenny DB
  • Cast: Kenny Basumatari, Bonny, Poonam, Tony
  • Language: Assamese, Hindi
  • Release Date: NA (2021)
  • Budget:  35 Lacs (Expected)
  • Digital Rights: Movie Saints

The movie has done crowd funding for the release of movie. The movie has collected 10 Lacs from the website wishberry. A sketch video has been uploaded in Youtube explaining the financial problem faced by the producers.

Local Utpaat Poster

Local Utpaat Story Summary

Amit (played by Bonny/Yatharth) and Maya (played by Poonam) have been in a relationship for several years now. He has a small job as a salesman, but has been diligently preparing for various govt/banking job exams and interviews. Maya’s elder sister has been pressuring her to get married to a rich dude named Donnie, and not to Amit, who can’t even afford to live without flatmates. Maya is adamant, however, and will never marry for money. So her sister hires the services of B.U.G. (Break-Up Guru, played by Tony) to break apart Maya and Amit’s relationship. 

Break-Up Guru’s modus operandi is to literally bug the rooms of people he needs to break up. He used to be the Love Guru before (refer to Heavy Budget’s sketches Kene and Kene Part 2) but he has become the Break-Up Guru instead because it’s more profitable.

Maya’s sister insists that she at least bring her boyfriend’s family to meet their family, so Amit calls his brother Robin (played by Kenny), who works in a different town. A silly accident results in Robin falling on his head. He becomes unconscious for a while, and from then on, his memory becomes Memento-ish. He often forgets why on earth he’s come to Guwahati, whose house he is in, etc. And this memory reboot keeps happening at most inopportune times.

Local Utpaat Production

Kenny’ve made three films so far - Local Kung Fu (2013), Local Kung Fu 2 (2017) and Suspended Inspector Boro (2018). They started off by making Local Kung Fu with a budget of 1 lakh rupees, out of which 43,000 was for the camera - a Canon 550D.  

The film got pirated because of irresponsible people at a local news channel, but as a result, it spread all over the state and has now become part of pop culture there. Love for Local Kung Fu led to a successful crowdfunding campaign for the sequel, which was released in theatres in 2017. 

Last year, Kenny's brother Tony started his comedy channel called Heavy Budget on Youtube. The uproarious gags and sketches, featuring mostly the cast of the Local Kung Fu films, became so popular that the channel hit 2.35 lakh subscribers in just over a year. 

"Local Utpaat Wikipedia, Bio, Cast, Production, Story, Release Date"

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