How To Earn Online - Earn 700 Rs Daily (Learn in Assamese)

How To Earn Online - Learn in Assamese

How To Earn Online - Learn in Assamese

Online Earning in Assamese 

1. Prothomote Account Eta Bonai Lok - Here ( 
2. Apuni Jot Porn Video Saai Taat Jok (Pornhub, Xvideo, etc).
3. Jikunu Video Eta Link Copy Koribo.
4. Tarpisot aku Za. Gl site'ut jabo aaru link to short koribo.
5. 15 Whatsapp Group't Join Kori Lobo.
6. Short Links Bur Group't share koribo.
7. Aru enekei 700 Rupees Daily earn koribo paribo.

In English

1. Create an Account - Here
2. Go To Adult Sites
3. Copy URL (Link) of any adult video
4. Go Back to Za. Gl and Shortlinked the URL
5. Join in 15 Whatsapp Groups
6. Share the short Links
7. Earn $10 (700 Rupees) Daily. 

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