Valentine Week 2019 Details in Assamese

Valentine Week 2019 Details in Assamese

Valentine Week 2019 Details in Assamese

#1.Rose day 

Rose Day, Valentine Week'r prothom tu din hoi, Ei din tut apunar priyo jonok ronga, halodhia notuba ronga rong'r phool dia jai beleg-beleg relationship'or karne. Jodi Apuni friend k dbo bisarise tetiahole halodhia dibo aru jodi apunar romantic feeling ase tetiahole ronga rose dia tu uchhit. Aru enekoie phool exchange kora hole rose day buli kua jai.

On this day you can give red yellow pink roses to different people depending on your feelings for them. Flowers are the most beloved things among them roses are one of the favorites.

#2.Propose day 

Valentine Week'or dui number tu din hoi "Propose Day". ei din tu apunar crush jonok ba garaki'k nijor feelings khula khuli ke kua jaai. Propose day dina eku gift dia tu ucchit nohoi, khaali feelings prokot korie nijor bhaal pua jonok special feel krua hoi.

You propose to your loved one. It is the second day of the v day week. The proposal should be made special by keeping in mind the venue surrounding and gifts. This is important if you want to make a marriage proposal.

#3.Chocolate day

Chocolate day din tu monua jai jetia Propose Day Succesfull hoi, noholeu dbo pra jai. Ei dintut nijor boyfriend ba girlfriend'ok chocolate dia jai. Suggestion hisape heart shaped chocolate dile bc impact pore.  

#4.Teddy day

Teddy Day - Valentine day major dintu hoi, Ei dintut sobotse cutest gift "Teddy" dia jai. Jaate rati hua homoiot apunar priyo jone dhori loi xubo pare. Aru khong uthile Teddy tuk'u khong dekhuabo pare. Jodi apunak teddy bisari pua naai, amar suggest kora tolor teddy gita etiae order d thobo paare.

#5.Promise day

Promise Day, dintut apunar priyo jonok promise kora jai. Promise kua tu hohoj kintu nibhabho pora tu buhut kothin. So make promises this promise day but do fulfill the previous ones to make your relationship strong. Promise Day dina'u kunu gift dia tu ucchit nohoi. So, Promise Day khuli loi monabo pra jaai.

#6.Hug day

Hug Day dina apunar priyo jonok hug kora jaai. Beleg Beleg relationship'or bele type'or hug kora way ase jeneke - Granny hug, One Arm Hug etc. Hug Day'   Hug is an important feeling of expressing love and affection. 

#7.Kiss day

English'ot kua jai- "Kiss is the sweetest form expression to show love". Kiss soi nomber tu  din valentine week day list'or. Ei dintut appunar bf/gf baa husband/wife'ok suma d morom express kora jaai. Eneke morom express kora hazaar way ase jeneke best hol "French Kiss", Forehead kiss etc.

Valentine Day Gifts 2019

#8.Valentine’s day

Valentine Day, V Week'or ontim tu din hoi. Ei dintut nijot special manuh jono'r lgot gute dintu spend kora jai aru gift'u dia jai. Valentine Day hekh hua pasot Anti-Valentine Week monua jai. Express your love with gifts chocolates roses etc. send them romantic images, quotes and wishes.

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